Geolinks – A Waste Management Company

Geolinks (Pvt.) Ltd. ISO 14001 certified, is a proudly Australian owned and operated family business providing innovative and cost effective waste management solutions in Pakistan since 2004. With a solid vision, and goal to work "For A Better Environment", we strive to provide a total solution for industries requiring ethical, efficient and environmentally-friendly waste management solutions.

Geolinks specializes in hazardous waste incineration. We currently provide incineration services from our modern facility at Port Qasim Authority in Karachi with plans to expand in Pakistan. The modern waste management facility is spread over three acres of land, and utilizes an advanced incineration system, constructed and designed by Geolinks. This allows for the incineration of solid waste in a safe and efficient manner, whilst keeping toxic emissions to a minimum.

Geolinks utilizes (HTI) high temperature incinerators which are of the two stage, modular package type, consisting of primary and secondary chambers designed to comply with Pakistan EPA emissions control regulations. Our staff also handles sensitive chemical waste , cleans chemical pits/tanks , supplies industrial equipment/machinery, and dismantles/disposes of Asbestos materials.

The company's innovative and progressive culture has led it to build a solid reputation amongst various industries. As a result, our subsidiary Geolinks Traders has expanded the company's reach into the manufacturing of Industrial/Medical Waste high temperature incinerators at our facility in Faisalabad, Pakistan.

The Geolinks Approach – the difference between Geolinks and our local competitors:

  • Ethics – There is a reason why many of the multinationals functioning within Pakistan have chosen Geolinks. There's piece of mind in knowing your company's sensitive waste is being responsibly treated and disposed of, like it should be. You can leave it with us, or   witness the destruction on site. 

  • Professionalism - Our staff is trained, educated and focuses heavily on customer service and customer satisfaction. Some items will always need to be incinerated, and rest assured that we provide the most reliable incineration service in Karachi.

  • Management – With 14 years of experience in the Waste Management industry; we have an experienced and knowledgeable staff, with low turnover, so we're stable, and we're confident it'll remain that way.

  • Consistency – Geolinks has been in the business for over a decade, and many of our clients have been with us the whole way; we're here to stay.

  • Quantities – With our own trucks, we can pick up large quantities, and we have the ability to incinerate over 1600 KG per hour; that's more than the city.

  • Our facility – EPA certified. We own it, it's super clean, and we're situated in an industrial area, so we're not close to any residential towns or villages; no one is bothered by our presence. We don't contract a third party to provide incineration services, or to deal with hazardous waste, we do it ourselves. We currently run the most comprehensive incineration facility in the country. But we don't only incinerate, we can recycle, dispose, consult, you name it. You can trust Geolinks to be your ethical partner in waste management and incineration services in Karachi.

  • Our rates – We are competitively priced for the incineration and waste management services we provide. There is no illegal dumping, no uncontrolled burning. We care about the environment; just ask us to find out more.

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