Air Pollution Control System

If we are to truly care about the environment, then an emissions control units is necessary to keep hazardous emissions to a minimum and maintain an acceptable limit of air emissions, as set by the provincial/federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Why invest in a GT Emissions Control Unit?

Geolinks is currently manufacturing high quality, tried and tested Wet Scrubbers and Bag House Filters.


The wet scrubber is an emissions control device which collects particulate matter and gaseous pollutants. The scrubber provides good contact between the liquid and polluted gas stream. The scrubber will remove dust particles and smoke by capturing them in liquid droplets.

Click here for images of our Wet Scrubbers.


The bag house, or fabric filter is a highly efficient emissions control device which removes hazardous particulates and/or gasses released from the incineration process. Through various mechanisms, the fabric absorbs particulates and gasses and a dust cake is created on the fabric, which in turn increases it’s resistance to gas flow.

The bag house does not require any water or liquid to operate successfully.

Click here for images of the Bag House Filter.

Please call us for quotations and technical inquiries.

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