Geolinks (Pvt. Ltd) subsidiary Geolinks Traders has begun manufacturing custom made high temperature incinerators (HTI) for various industries through-out Pakistan. As Karachi’s premier waste management and incineration service provider, Geolinks is in a unique position to introduce high quality high temperature incinerators (HTI) to the Pakistani market, at a fraction of the cost of available locally made incinerators, which have failed to meet any reasonable standard.

We are currently manufacturing Medical Waste Incinerators of 50kg/hour to 1000kg/hour burning capacity.


✔   Free standing, modular package type units
✔   Made of high quality mild steel
✔   250mm of refractory + insulation lining
✔   Fully automatic or manual
✔   Primary & Secondary Chambers
✔   Natural Gas/LPG/Diesel Burners
✔   Cooling Chamber
✔   Customized to customers requirements
✔   Destroys hazardous clinical waste
✔   Low Emissions
✔   One Year Warranty

What is Incineration?

Incineration is an advance system to treat solid hazardous/non hazardous waste in a safe and economical manner. The waste is ignited in the first chamber at 700oC-800oC. Fumes from 1st chamber are heated up to 1200oC in the secondary chamber. Primary and secondary chambers are designed to comply with international emission control regulations making the entire incineration process environmentally friendly.

Incineration under effective and controlled process produces CO, CO2, SO, SO2, NOX, water vapor, and ash as major by–products. Volume reduction is 93% while 96% of the total waste is incinerated. The amount of fuel required to support such type of combustion is determined by the combustibility of the waste itself. Fresh air is introduced in specific quantities and at proper times to obtain optimum temperature in the chamber. The ash that remains is free from all kinds of infection.

Why Incinerate?

Waste reduction: The incineration process can reduce the waste by approx 96%

Less waste in landfills: a clear benefit, since landfill are least environmentally friendly option.

Destroys chemicals and pathogens: the temperature in incinerators can kills harmful chemicals, reducing the amount of danger posed from chemical and clinical waste.

Reduce harmful emissions:modern incinerators can filter out harmful emissions so they don't escape into the atmosphere. Dioxins, particulates and some dangerous gases are filtered out by various additional features.

Stop counterfeiting: Incineration is the best fool proof method to destroy materials which can be otherwise copied and sold back into the market. This is a serious issue in the pharmaceutical industry, but also any other business which cares about it's brand and image.

Incineration is the best practical environmental option (BPEO) to treat your company's hazardous waste.

Why Geolinks?

Geolinks Pvt. Ltd., is a fully functioning waste management business, running the most comprehensive incineration facility in the country. Incinerators are our area of expertise, we have been incinerating hazardous/non-hazardous waste since 2004 and have had numerous experiences with incinerator manufacturers within Pakistan. Our experiences as customers have given us a specific insight into the industry, and we feel our current approach, and design is an improvement on other industrial incinerators available in the Pakistani market.

Furthermore, we strive to satisfy our customers with a quality product and excellent customer service.


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